Review: Star Dust

Star Dust
Star Dust by Ali Winters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rating: 3.5 stars


STAR DUST is one epic intergalactic adventure of a young princess, Orianna. Soon after her, what we would call in earthen terms, coming out party, the Star Princess of Soleis’s life is turned upside down in a tragedy that would have broken a lesser person. Not only does she have to run for her life, she has to warn others of the impending doom. Leading a sheltered life till with only the working knowledge of politics etc. Orianna needs to learn fast, before the ones behind the attacks get to her. Fate leads her to the one planet and person, the sole evidence leads to, Prince Lucian of Earth.

Prince Lucian knows his planet is being framed once he knows the story from Orianna and insists on accompanying her on her mission till he clears his planet’s name and make sure she safely reaches her fiancé, Prince Caelan of Jupiter. What he does not expect is his admiration and attraction to her reach dangerous levels. With the fragile treaty and entrance among the alliance of the inner ring, he cannot afford to offend anyone by making a move on her. Not to forget that Orianna might be key to saving and salvaging them all from these devastating attacks. Falling in love is definitely not in the books with them living in times hard bound by tradition and word of honor. What will be the final outcome, you will have to read to find out. 😉

Okay first of all, I absolutely adore the cover art for STAR DUST. If nothing else, this would have made me pick the book without even reading the back cover but fortunately I received in exchange of an honest unbiased review. Second, I love the adventure and the descriptions for each and everything ms. Winters has written. They vibrant and easy to understand and visualize without being boring. I could see all the planets through Orianna’s eyes as she explores various planets in search for answers. STAR DUST is fast-paced with almost non-stop action with some really poignant moments that stole my breath. Some of the twists especially in the climax stole my breath. The characters Orianna, Lucian and Caelan are heroes with flaws, uncertainties and insecurities as real as us. I loved that ms. Winters did not resolve their problems all at once and made them grow as characters throughout the book.

So why am I giving 3.5 stars to it? To be honest, I am not really sure. I kept rolling between 3 & 4 before settling for a 3.5. There were times I was completely in the story, running with it and other times I pulled back and wondered at the other possibilities. Some things seemed too easy while some of the twists including who the bad guy was, I figured a couple chapters before the actual revelation. A few things here and there which bothered me which I am finding hard to pinpoint and it sucks because it really is a good book. It’s just that there were time expected something more and got less. There were a few scenes which made me emotional (which I love) but from that high, again the expections rose and fell and rose. Kind of like a roller coaster ride. Both Prince Lucian and Prince Caelan were a tad bit disappointing in their roles. I loved them as people but as heroes, I expected something more. Best thing was Princess Orianna, who really grew into her role and Prince Erik. Now that is one character I am really looking forward to seeing more of.

All in all, STAR DUST is one vivid, beautiful fantasy adventure you can visualize and live through the characters. Young lot and fans of YA will love this. Looking forward to reading the next book soon which I have high hopes for especially after that brilliant epilogue. Blew me away.


ARC received in exchange of an honest review.
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