REVLON shade Sheer Peach

As-salaam O Alaikum all you beauties out there or just lurkers like me.. *winks*

For nail of the day post, today I want to show you a Revlon shade Sheer Peach. I got this shade totally by fluke. My mom had asked my aunt in UK for a Peachy shade (pretty shade which is pigmented). My aunt misunderstood and got this sheer one. Since my mom does not like sheer polishes, I took it. *wicked grin*

Now about the shade. This is a really really sheer shade. One coat will give a transparent look which slight shimmer and gloss if you look closely. The shade in the pictures is coming out to be very bad for some reason but otherwise it is a fresh shade perfect for manicure or people who like sheer polishes. The brush is again thin, similar to Sweet Touch’s so it takes two-three swipes to cover the whole nail. I noticed that when I tried layering this shade, it became patchy looking giving a yellow patchy stain look though only if you look closely. From far it looks really nice but since my hands are usually in my line of vision, I do not like putting it on that much. Another reason, I do not really like completely sheer shades myself. LoL. Now on to the pictures. (Again, please excuse the quality of the pics. Most are taken at night though I did manage to get a couple during the day time.

The pinky finger-nail has one coat while the rest of the nails have two coats.



As mentioned in the under the picture, I only put on one coat on my pinky finger. I did this so you can see the difference. Do you see the patchiness in others? Even after soo many pictures I could show the actual shade which looks better in real. If you guys like it, then go to the Revlon counter and swatch it first (though I do not know if this shade is still in the range). May be what did not do for me will work for you. 🙂

Well this is it for now. Let me know what you think of this NOTD. Would love to hear feedback from you guys.

Till next time.

Take care. 🙂


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